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Our teams are full of talent, experience and passion and always ready to support you.

Smart&Future is a young company, combining experience and innovation to allow customers and partners to achieve the most challenging goals. We believe in people and the results they can achieve through empowerment, result orientation and sharing.

Our values

We are an innovative company and we are ready to assume all responsability that this adjective implies

  • 1 What we believe in

    In people, in the power of groups, in the innovation of collective thinking: in the swarm intelligence. We believe in the power that every company has to create, to improve and to make a difference.

  • 2 Our goals

    Offer our customers a whole new collaboration experience, supporting them at every stage of their project development. Working with them in a perspective of mutual growth and improvement.

  • 3 Why choose us?

    We have over 30 years of experience in the ICT industry, we have seen it from all sides, in every light, we are fascinated by it and look forward to working with you.

What we do

This is what we do with passion and professionality

Consulting Innovation & Digital Transformation IT Development UX & Service Design Sustainability Academy

We are ready to help you improve your business

We support our customers in the intermodal smart mobility platform, developing solutions for local and national public transport, door-to-door travel planners and mixed-trip solutions to promote the use of sustainable mobility.

Our cash payment digitization systems allow our customers to eliminate cash management risks, to reduce shipping costs and to offer their services in countries where digitization is struggling.

The Italian economy must be more resilient to market changes and must promote competition, dynamism and innovation. S&F Consulting is aware of the strategic importance of the NRRP. Our customers need to make the best use of the opportunities given by the Plan. We are ready to offer our integrated and innovative support.

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